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Racking Survey

Racking Safety is a very important part of warehouse safety.  Dependent on your usage racking surveys should be carried out at least annually and in many cases every 6 months. GH Safety can undertake your racking surveys in accordance with the SEMA Code of Practice which helps you to comply with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER).  Our racking inspections are carried out by experienced experts. We can also assist with Racking Inspection Training for your team to undertake so you can do your own racking inspections. We can provide information, advice and a checklist of templates.  Where required we can audit and report on the effectiveness of your operational checks. Impact damage to racking can cause significant operational disruption and increased operating costs.  We can assist with developing strategies to significantly reduce the amount of damage.

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A GH Safety racking inspection will include:

  • A full inspection of your racking infrastructure to assess build quality and identify any damage or defects
  • Assessment of loadings in line with manufacturers guidelines
  • Recommendations and guidance on any damage observed.
  • Identification of risk of damage from manual handling equipment
  • Highlighting any possible risks of injury to persons accessing the racking as a result of damage

Why Us?

A proactive approach to racking inspections will:

  • Help you to comply with the Provision and Use of  Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER 1988)
  • Reduce the danger of collapse
  • Reduce the risk to employees from damaged, defective or overloaded equipment
  • Increase efficiency and accessibility

If you would like any further racking survey information or require a fixed price racking survey quotation please contact us

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