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New Business Health & Safety Support Service

We understand that many businesses simply don’t have the resources to employ a health and safety professional in house.  Appointing GH Safety as your Health & Safety Advisor provides your Company with the support of a dedicated professional who understands your business and the risks within it.  Having a competent advisor working externally will increase your tendering success and control your costs.

We can provide you with an ongoing support service from as little as £85 per month for a low risk business with up to 20 employees and for that you will receive:

  • Your own dedicated Health and Safety Advisor.
  • A proactive prompt when legislation changes and how that impacts your business.
  • A fact sheet on any aspect of health and safety on request
  • Templates for risk assessments and other control documents on request.
  • A quarterly newsletter.
  • Consultation with the HSE & Local Authority on your behalf.

Many of our clients have found that the monthly outlay is more than compensated for in reduced insurance premiums, piece of mind and giving you with the freedom to get on with what you do best. Building your Business! In continuation of your support we will supply you with

  • An annual review and update of documents provided by GH Safety.
  • An annual Health & Safety Compliance Audit and Fire Risk Assessment.
  • Annual board report on H&S compliance performance.
  • Half a day on-site employee training per year.
  • Use of a Health & Safety help line.
  • Next day delivery service on all your safety signs and personal protective equipment.
  • Discounted staff training rates.

To find out more on how GH Safety can assist you in safely building your business and ensure that all your legal obligations and responsibilities are met, please call 01793 784334 or email

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