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Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Safety Laws came into force in October 2006 which make all businesses directly responsible for the safety of premises users.  A risk assessment is an organised appraisal of work activities and the workplace to enable the identification of potential fire hazard and to decide who (including employees and visitors) might be in danger in the event of a fire. The assessment evaluates the risks arising from the hazards and enables you to decide whether the existing fire precautions are adequate, or whether more needs to be done.


A written record of assessment is required by law if you employ 5 or more people, however, we do recommend that all businesses, whatever their size, keep a written record. The new regulation will be enforced by the Fire Authority who will carry out an inspection programme on premises based on risk. 

If you are responsible for business premises and you have not got a fire risk assessment in place then you should act now. Smaller businesses or those with an employee who feels confident to carry out the assessment themselves should find compiling the assessment is a fairly simple task.  Alternatively, we can provide you with a no-nonsense, cost-effective service. We can also help you to meet your obligation to train your staff in overall fire safety awareness and offer bespoke courses in fire marshal training and fire extinguishing training. For an overview on which emergency exit sign to use where to click on the link below: Directional Signs Explained 

We are recognised members of The Fire Protection Association.

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