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Health & Safety Support Services

Our Health & Safety Support Services will enable your Business to thrive.

In most workplaces it is the simple hazards that cause the accidents e.g. slippery floors or cluttered walkways, employees attempting to lift inappropriate loads and stressed or careless drivers. Introducing a few straightforward measures to Protect your employees at work, not only develops a compliant working environment but can also result in increased productivity and will promote your Profits. By employing our Health & Safety Support Services and undertaking our training courses our clients have reaped the benefits such as:

Health & Safety Support for Businesses
  • Increased tendering successes
  • Positive feedback from customers
  • Fewer accidents
  • Fewer civil and criminal claims
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Reduced operating costs from using an outsourced service
  • Improved Safety culture
  • Improved delivery of compliance projects
  • Increased productivity
  • improved employee morale and retention rates


Health & Safety affects all sectors. We have an existing client base ranging from Fashion to Farming. Some of the clients we support are:

Our Clients

Our safety consultants tailor-make their approach to meet individual company requirements, focusing on what the business needs in order for it to be fully compliant as well as fully productive. We service all of the United Kingdom, with office-based near Oxford and Swindon and our consultants are based in Birmingham, Bath, Oxford, Newbury, Leeds Liverpool & Glasgow


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